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The Mobile Model with Motorized Laser Head Carrier
TL-150 Standard Specification

Laser Medium


Laser Wavelength


Laser Excitation System

Xenon Flash Lamp

Average Output


Output Current Amount

40~300A (per 1A)

Pulse Output Time

0.5ms~20ms (per 0.1ms)

Pulse Frequency

0.5Hz~15Hz (per 0.1Hz)

Laser Spot Ø

φ0.1~2.0mm (optional adjustment)


Ocular lens : x 10

Objective lens : x 1

Visual Field Qty : 23 SUPER WIDE FIELD (SWF)

Focal Length : 80mm

Wortable Shifting Range

X : 250mm Y : 130mm Z : 150mm

Bed : W500 x L350mm

Lazer Head Revolving Range

Head Part Revolving : ±90°

Head Carrier Sliding Range

Lengthwise Sliding : 220mm Z : 180mm

Worktable Loading Capacity



Power Supply Unit : W460xL650xH730mm / 110kg

Laser Head : W110 x L975 x H140mm / 17kg

Workstation : W800 x L1000 x H1660mm /130kg

Worktable : W500 x L400 x H600mm /70kg

Chiller : W377 x L500 x H660mm /47kg

Power Supply

Single Phase AC200V / 220V (50/60Hz)

Tolerance Voltage Fluctuation ±10%

Max. Electric Power Consumption

6kVA (200V)

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